A Future Ready Platform for Online Food Ordering

Leverage Data & Personalize Online Delivery & Takeaways

The last decade has seen a paradigm shift in consumer behaviour when it comes to online food delivery platforms. We observed an exponential potential for upscale restaurants to create meaningful experiences for their at-home audiences, whilst maintaining a luxury-brand persona for their niche audience by creating an online food delivery and takeaway solution for restaurants that serve people with a taste for finer things. When the concept of luxury permeates through design, journeys and experience, the result is recurring customer engagement over a prolonged period. Let’s learn more about TLC’s innovation in delivery and takeaway technology using market insights from some of the top hospitality brands of the world.

Key factors affecting the online delivery and takeaway market

Today’s evolved customers are seeking superior experience that comes with seamlessly functional digital convenience minimizing human contact unless necessary.

There are two types of online food delivery models- Restaurant-to-customer & platform-to-customer. The latter has seen significant growth owing to an increase in internet availability, novelty seeking, dual-income households, convenience, quick deals and fast delivery. Significant integration of smart technology has improved accessibility. However, platform-to-customer models pose several challenges controlled by third party platforms. Such as data-ownership, customer cohorts, personalization and the aptitude for differentiation.

Case for luxury restaurants to increase revenue with in-house delivery and takeaway

Advantages of TLC’s Delivery & Takeaway Solution

TLC’s delivery and takeaway solution is created using behavioral insights gained by industry veterans over a period of 20 years. As the digital customers’ consumption pattern has evolved, the platform is designed to be adaptable and robust. It has the highest global standards of compliance. The manifold benefit of that is complete transparency in data ownership of high-value clients. This also makes the system shock proof to any unforeseen policy dictations.

The features are designed for ease of operation for the on-ground staff. Some features to look forward to are:

1. Ease of installation:

The IP is built on best-in-class software and can easily be installed on any existing systems that the restaurant may have.

2. Marketing Channels for increasing revenue:

Simple and Intuitive customer solution

3. Present on app and Website

4. Ease of operation:

5. Data Monetization – Ownership and transparency of usage

6. Marketing Suite for Customer Lifecycle Management

This highly customizable solution is already being used by some of the top hospitality brands in the world. The case for which particularly emerges strongly for restaurants determined to stand out and remain autonomous. The attention to detail in the experience provided by an upscale gourmet restaurant from kitchen to doorstep remains integral to the value of the brand.

We recommend this for future looking businesses that want to be equipped with the power to direct their own revenues without yielding to the common solutions of midscale and QSRs. TLC’s delivery and takeaway model is ideal for Luxury brands with a passion for hospitality and seamless customer experience.