Delivery & Take-Away

We looked at online ordering differently. It was not about pre-packaged food, rushing for quick delivery. Our target market is for food lovers who will pay a premium because they know that dining is a multi-sensory experience or for someone who has an occasion to celebrate and plan for in advance.

We created a design led solution, focusing on innovative customer profiling, intuitive user journey, engaging content and user interface with widgets and sections, food pairing recommendations and more. Our product features create and integrate marketing opportunities, and the backend app has easy set-up, real time updates including forward looking options like surge pricing.

Give your customers not just meals but delightful gourmet experiences that create a lasting relationship with the brand and a memory to save and to share.

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Marketing Led

Using customer cohorts to drive business through promo codes or pre-sale of vouchers

Create and sell dining experiences as Experience Vouchers

Gifting journey with personalized message

Management of reservations across all channels including website, app, contact centre, Google, social platforms, incoming reservations at the outlet and walk-in capture to allow a single timeline view

Benefits management (promo code, voucher, card benefits)

Ratings, reviews and a recommendation platform

Life cycle management of your customer database

Know more about our dine-in – Table Reservation and Feedback product

Customer Focus/Innovation


Digitally engage with the chef

Redeem a benefit

Share feedback

Ease of Operation

View orders by timeline

Order Ready notification

Respond to feedback

World Class Technology

Only solution with IP built on best in class platforms

​​CRM on Salesforce, integrations on MuleSoft. Read our Salesforce customer success story here

Digital content and engagement on Adobe Platforms. Read our Adobe success story here

High level of security certifications and compliance to privacy laws

Work on the Latest Tech

Join us and sharpen your skills and knowledge with the latest and the best tech available for CRM and integrations of digital delivery.

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