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Memberships and Subscriptions

Pre-paid benefits and experience programs in hotel companies attract and lock in the local market for dining, spa, events and personal travel. We specialize in hotel memberships for over 20 years, gaining insights working with global and renowned luxury hospitality brands.

With the changing landscape, it is time to expand this to subscriptions in travel and stay. Customers are bypassing traditional points programs to book on OTAs. There may be a larger dependence on a transactional and unstructured market, not driven by points. We aim to capture that market.

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Traditional Points Program

Is the future, younger customer willing to earn points and then wait for them to convert to rewards? Is the business traveler going to be traveling less frequently, impacting their ability to earn enough points to get to Platinum? Is it worth spending 4 to 5% of your room revenue on a points program to protect your top 5% base on Platinum? Is your program helping you move business from competition?

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Case for Subscriptions

Convenience and experience benefits will no longer be limited to Platinum tiers which take tens of stays to get to. New age companies like Amazon and Netflix are focusing on Subscriptions.

Futuristic Product

Attract new customers. Offer value, convenience, recognition and experience from day 1. Get transactional business. Get referrals. Reduce OTA dependence. Sell and gift experiences. Make the program self-funding.

If you have something valuable to offer, you can and should get the customer to pay for it. Talk to us about our Subscription product for the local market or for travel.

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World Class Technology

Our IP built is on best in class platforms

  • CRM on Salesforce, integrations on MuleSoft. Read our Salesforce customer success story here
  • Digital content and engagement on Adobe Platforms. Read our Adobe success story here
  • High level of security certifications and compliance to privacy laws. Read our Privacy Policy here

Marketing Led

  • Ability to curate subscription benefits by customer cohorts and market through promo codes
  • Ability to create subscription programs by duration (monthly, half yearly, yearly etc), by benefits at an outlet level and by price
  • Create and sell Experience Vouchers
  • Ratings, reviews and a recommendation platform
  • Life cycle management of your customer database
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TLC DigiTech Memberships and Subscriptions feature

Customer Focus

  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Redeem a benefit or an experience that you have subscribed to

Ease of Operation

  • Backend app with customer information for personalization
  • ‚Äč‚ÄčRedemption management
  • Digital content and engagement on Adobe platforms. Customized PMS integrations

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