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Tech Products

TLC tech products have been developed and implemented leveraging our extensive knowledge of the hospitality business and the insights gained through our experience over the years working with global hospitality brands for customer acquisition, life cycle management and data monetization.
We have used the best technology platforms in the world to make our solutions robust, future ready and shockproof, at the same time delivering incredible digital experiences to customers.
Club Marriott South Asia and Gourmet Club Kenya | TLC Digitech works on world class tech platforms

Tech Products

Customer Mobile App | Fulfillment App | Websites

Image Courtesy: Club Marriott South Asia and Gourmet Club Kenya


Customized to different audiences with differential benefits structure, price and duration for different markets like retail, partners, corporates, associations etc

Delivered in real-time through digital benefits management (card, vouchers etc.) integrated with a payment gateway

Marketing promo codes, activation codes and dynamic promo codes created by email whitelisting of corporates

E-Referral Programs

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Voucher Management

Digital card and voucher issuance and redemptions with related audit trails through a backend fulfillment app

Digital voucher management

Instant redemption


Scheduling of gifts

Gifts can be sent with a personalized message or video

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Table Reservations & Feedback

Room, restaurant and spa

Inventory management by date and time

Real-time confirmations

Promo codes for marketing purposes

Feedback and responses

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Delivery, Take-Away & Gifting

Order taking on digital assets and transferring an order to the hotel in real time

Back-end management of orders related to

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